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Scar Repair Forté is a unique Super Strength Serum designed for ultimate scar management. All the ingredients in this technologically advanced formulation have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and wound-healing capabilities, addressing every aspect of skin healing. Powerful cutting edge ingredients provide a cascade of interactions and reactions resulting in an arsenal of defence, increasing resistance to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitical infections, “natural killers”, protecting and repairing during the critical initial healing phase.

Actives, at their maximum strength, accelerate the healing process, ensuring more rapid scar maturation, with balanced collagen synthesis, preventing ugly scar formation, achieving the very best, most aesthetically pleasing end result. It further acts on older hypertrophic and keloid scars (ugly, raised scars), promoting their maturation, helping flatten, reduce redness, itchiness, pain and improve function. Additional actives help treat red/purple stretch marks specifically as well as their prevention.

Most people will have to deal with a scar at some time in their lives. Life is not like in the movies and whether a scar is the result of an operation or trauma, if sutures were required, there is always going to be a visible scar. However, the way a scar is treated dictates the way it is going to look for life. We want to achieve a flattened pale scar that is not raised, itchy or painful.

Some are fortunate and heal well without intervention but most people need help to more rapidly mature scars and the sooner they start treating the scar properly the better end result one is going to achieve.

It is a fact that 30% of people develop dermatitis from some highly fragranced tissue oils or creams, particularly if applied to a new scar. One must avoid irritation and inflammation which may lead to pigmentation or can trigger ugly scar development.

Directions for use: May be applied alone or over the top of Micropore tape

NEW SCARS: Plastic surgeons have for many years found that taping new scars using microporous paper tape applied immediately following suture removal has resulted in a reduction in scar width and thickness. The tape applies sufficient pressure required to support the wound and the Scar Repair Forté is applied over the top of the tape, the Serum impregnates the tape and is gradually released onto the scar. PlastReconstr Surg. 1995 Dec;96(7):1715-8.

When applying Scar Repair Forté alone it is recommended that immediately following suture removal one begins massaging with gentle pressure to the scar and surrounding area 2 to 4 times daily, more often for children. Continue daily application until the scar becomes flattened and paler.

Taping Instructions: Alternatively one may apply Scar Repair Forté OVER THE TOP of microporous paper tape. (If one experiences any reaction to the tape then use the Serum alone) It is advised that to achieve ultimate benefit from the scar care programme, particularly if one has a history of scarring badly, or the scar is over a bony area, the chest, joints, breasts or from ‘tummy tuck’ surgery etc. one should tape down the scar, where possible, using Micropore paper tape following suture removal. For lipectomy (tummy tuck) for example it is more important to tape the scar and apply Scar Repair Forté over 4 times daily. The abdominal area undergoes a lot of movement, stretching forces, friction from clothing, so it is advised to tape this type of wound. The width of the tape must be sufficient so as to cover and support the scar completely – Micropore 24mm width tape is usually used for most scars. Obviously this would prove to be difficult and a tell-tale sign in the case of a face lift, also one would never tape the eye lids. So, in these cases the Serum would be applied alone at least 4 times daily and massaged with light pressure to all the scars.

The tape should be applied to a clean scar and there must be no greasiness on the surrounding skin. The tape should be applied firmly and should overlap the scar by at least 0.5cm at each end. The Scar Repair Forté is then applied sparingly to the surface of the tape, down the centre on top of the tape, avoiding the edges and ends so as not to cause stickiness and lack of tape adhesion. The Serum impregnates the tape and is gradually released onto the scar. The tape must be left on the scar until it comes off naturally (approximately 4 to 5 days ideally). One should bath or shower with the tape in place. Once the tape shows signs of lifting it should be very gently removed, if possible soaking in a bath, so as not to cause any inflammation. One must not put tape on and remove on a daily basis as this causes too much irritation. Ideally tape removal should be done in the evening, one may then apply Scar Repair Forté alone that night and cleanse and reapply tape the following morning. (Unless otherwise advised by a doctor if a wound is under tension and requires constant taping in the initial stages). One should continue the procedure of taping with the Scar Repair Forté over the top until the scar becomes paler and flat, indicating maturation.

One should tape where possible, or if necessary, particularly if one is known to develop ugly scars, for a couple of months, especially scars in certain potentially problem areas as mentioned, and particularly if there is a lot of friction or movement, after which one should use the Scar Repair Forté alone a couple of times daily. The length of time would vary from person to person. This also depends on the position of the scar and certain areas tend to heal more slowly and can develop stretched or thickened scars. One should also note that smokers heal much more slowly.

OLD SCARS: If a scar is flat or stretched and pale (or flattened and darker in an ethnic skin) this indicates a mature scar and there is little that can be done to improve them other than excision and deal with a new scar. One should note that excision of a scar usually leaves one with a slightly larger scar. This must always be discussed with your doctor.

If a scar is pink, purple, raised, itchy and painful this indicates an immature, hypertrophic or keloid scar, and irrespective of how old the scar may be, one can possibly do something about it. If the scar is very raised and keloid and in an area possible for taping then use the same procedure as for new scars applying over the top of the tape 4 times daily. If the scar cannot be taped one should massage the Scar Repair Forté, applying pressure into the scarred area 4 times daily. This should be continued until the scar becomes paler and flatter.

If any old scars are raised and still pink one may benefit from a series of RégimA Peel treatments. (Have scars assessed by a doctor or RégimA Skin Care Professional).

BURNS: Burns must be assessed and treated initially by a doctor. However, once a burn is no longer at risk of infection one may begin to apply Scar Repair Forté to the scarred area 4 times daily to accelerate healing, help prevent hardening and pigmentation of the skin. One may also apply RégimA Laser Repairing Gel over the top of the Scar Repair Forté.

STRETCH MARKS: Stretch marks occur for many reasons and some skins are more susceptible than others. Stretch marks are fine scars caused by tearing in the dermis (living layer of skin). The dermis is where our skin produces collagen and elastin fibres that give it a firmer, younger appearance. The scars occur when skin is stretched to the point of breakdown, like elastic losing elasticity, at which point these tears start to show through the epidermis.

If stretch marks are still pink or purple Scar Repair Forté Complex may help repair the damaged scar tissue as well as prevent further stretching. Obviously the oilier or younger the skin, the more elastic it is and therefore the skin’s response is quicker because it needs less elastic proteins to repair. Therefore the drier and less elastic the skin, the more long-term Anti-Stretch treatment is required.

Stretch marks cannot be eliminated completely. However, it has been seen in clinical practice that one can make them look a lot better and correct early care lessens the impact and helps prevent further damage. Healing plants and special elastin stimulating peptides, work synergistically repairing, helping eliminate the incessant itching associated with stretch mark development, whilst aiding in the prevention process. One must allow 2 to 3 months to see improvement, this varying on age and elasticity factors. Trials have shown that a series of RégimA Peel Treatments to the reddened stretched areas accelerates the healing, repairing process.

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