Techno 5 Resurfacer




This “turbo cosmetic” concept focuses on “skin resurfacing”, which will literally smooth and resurface the skin, using a combination of enzymes and a world first in peptide technologies giving the skin a new “finish”. All of these technologies are formulated into a sensorially superior emulsion. The entire product incorporates the benefits of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, anti-free radicals, anti-ageing ingredients, skin restructuring and exfoliation, plus brightening effects, all in one package. A unique synergy of these five technologies in one product will produce results out of this world!

Contains a host of natural actives:

Pineapple, papaya, mango, banana, Thai Sumac and black tea extracts, along with cutting edge biomimetic peptides and a lightening complex, results in a potent anti-ageing product with multiple benefits.

Directions For Use:

Following cleansing am (and pm if desired) apply eye care products, apply 1 pump depression of Techno 5 to full face and neck. May be used in conjunction with Super Smoother and other RégimA Zone products. To be followed by a RégimA day product containing UVA & UVB protection.


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