HA+ Serum




The most advanced hydrating serum we’ve seen. Before HA +, you’ll likely have dry, dull, sensitive skin that’s prone to fine lines and wrinkles. After Correctives HA +, you’ll notice remarkable hydration in as little as one hour. It’s made with four different types of hyaluronic acid, each with a unique hydrating effect on your skin, as well as special HAFi fragments that stimulate your skin’s own hyaluronic acid production. For the first time in skincare, a hyaluronidase inhibitor protects aging skin against the aggressive breakdown of hyaluronic acid in your skin.

Skin benefits

Advanced skin hydration and plumping

– More hydrated skin within 1 hour of first use

– Strengthened skin within 1 week of use

– Stimulates your body’s own hyaluronic acid production

– First-ever inhibitor to prevent hyaluronic acid breakdown.

Main ingredients

HAfi fragments, Four types of hyaluronic acid, Industry-first hyaluronidase inhibitor

How to use

Correctives HA + is applied over the whole face, neck and décolleté after cleansing and before applying your moisturiser.

– Morning and evening in extreme dryness.

– Or only when necessary.

*Note: the product may also be used on dry or injured skin areas only.

Special precautions

Can be used to the plump area around the eye, mouth or other difficult areas (short term effect though).


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