Derma Zest Cleansing + Toning Gel



The Zone Cleanser is an Ultra refined formulation, designed to impact a gentle cleansing action, without harsh astrigents or stripping agents. It also possesses a secondary toning effect that leaves the skin feeling firmer, tighter, yet softened without drying out. A host of organic actives have been included to deliver a smoothing, gentle cleansing, natural toning and repairing action.

Directions for use:

AM and PM: Wet hands, face and neck and using one pump depression of cleanser, massage gently for one minute, avoiding the eye area if sensitive. Rinse off thoroughly (Do not apply a separate toner). To be used in conjunction with other RĂ©gimA Zone products.

(If the product enters the eyes, rinse out thoroughly with plenty of water)

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100 ml


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