To the Rescue, New RégimA Anti-Inflamm-Ageing – A highly effective, Ultra Rich ‘First Aid’ Kit for Inflamed, Irritated, or Extremely Sensitive Skins.

Sensitive skin is characterised by an impaired skin barrier, with inflammation being triggered more easily, causing the skin to quickly become red, hot, itchy and inflamed. An inflammatory response to irritants is the body’s natural protective reaction, but unfortunately in the repeated responses of hypersensitive skins, this can come at the price of premature skin ageing. Inflammation, allergic responses causing itching, scratching and tissue damage can be disfiguring, cause physical discomfort and anxiety for the affected individuals, worsening quality of life. Chronic inflammation includes eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, but there is main emphasis on Sensitive Skin, affecting a large number of people, and means even small stimuli trigger inflammatory and immune reactions, leading to a vicious circle: The inflammatory response triggers additional cell damage inducing a progressive deterioration of the skin barrier, creating substantial collateral damage. Sensitive skins can rapidly develop sensations such as burning, itching, tightening, reddening, which can result in subsequent scarring and, unfortunately, premature ageing.


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