Price List

Facial treatments
Treatment Duration Price
Relaxing & Rejuvenating Facial 60min R399
Deep Cleanse Rejuvenating Facial 90min R520
Acne Control Teen Facial 45min R350
Chique Skin Signature Treatment (Facial & Body Massage Combo) 90 min R599
Lamelle Bridal Glow (Peel Included) 45min R599
Lamelle Age Prevent Facial 60min R550
Ultimate Lifting Facial (Multipolar Included) 90min R599
Needleless Mesotherapy 30min R450
Event make up 60min R480-580
Permanent make-up   POR
Strip Lash Application   R110
Chemical Peels
RegimA Peels    
RegimA 30% Power Peel 30min R420
RegimA 50% Power Peel 30min R450
RegimA Acne Pro Masque Peel 30min R350
Back peel 45min R499
Lamelle Peels    
Lactifirm 30/10 30min R499
Lactifirm 90/10 30min R499
Beta/Beta Plus/Alpha 30min R499
Retistore 30min R899
Retistore Plus 30min R980
Dermaroller Microneedling
Dermaroller   R1 550
Dermapen (Actual pen)   R399
Lidocaine 10g (Numbing Cream)   R170
Derma Roller Treatment 45min R650
Dermapen Treatmet (Included Growth factor sheet/Mask) 45min R770
IPL Full Face & Neck 30min R550
Slimming Treatments
Laser Lipo
Laser Lipo Session 30 min 470
Laser Lipo 8 Treatment Package   R2 900
Multi-Polar Body/Face and Neck 30min R450
Multi-polar 6 x treatment   R2 400
Reshape (Vial Only)   R950
Endermologie Body Stocking   R490
Endermologie 14 Treatment Package   R3 700
Single Endermologie Treatment 45min R370
FIR Sauna
Fir Sauna session 30min R270
Fir Sauna 8 Treatment Package   R1 500
Other Body Treatments
In-Body Scanner 15min R280
Rasual 30min R250
Rasual & Body Exfoliation 60min R550
LipoGene Centimeter Loss Wrap 60min R399
Ear Candeling 30min R280
Body, Hands & Feet Treatments
Heavenly Head, Hair & Sculp 30min R250
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30min R320
Extended back, Neck & Shoulder 45min R360
Swedish /Aromatherapy Full Body 60min R520
Deep Tissue Masage 60min R550
Indulgence Hot Stone Full Body 60min R599
Hot Stone Back & Neck 30min R450
Reflexology 30min R280
Couple Massage 60min R850
Classic Pedicure 60min R310
Express Pedicure 30min R250
Express Pedicure & Gel Overlay 60min R390
Classic Manicure 60min R280
Express Manicure & Gel Overlay 30min R350
Gel toes 30min R150
Acrylic Natural/Colour Overlay 60min R300
Acrylic Tip Overlay Natural/Colour 90min R400
2 Week Fill 45min R250
3 Week Fill 45min R280
Soak Off 30min R100
Drill Off 30min R100
Nail Repair – Gel/Acrylic 15min R40
Nail Art   POR
Buff & Glaze/Paint 15min R120
Alternative tanning
Tan Can Session 10min R70
Tan Can 10 Treatment Package   R600
Brillianttan Spraytan 30min R400
Body Exfoliation & Spraytan 75min R550
Depilation & Grooming
Face Wax 20min R220
Eyebrow Wax 15min R80
Eyebrow wax & Tint 15min R140
Underarm Wax 15min R140
Half Leg wax 30min R240
Full Leg Wax 45min R280
Bikini Wax 30min R160
Brazillian Wax 30min R220
Hollywood wax 45min R310
Male Waxing
Back Wax/Chest Wax 30min R280
Full Leg wax 45min R360
Half leg wax 30min R250
Arm Wax 30min R290
Lash Extensions
Individual Lashes 60min R480
Volume Lashes 90min R580
2 Week Individual Fill 30min R240
3 Week Individual Fill 45min R290
Debonding of Lashes 30min R120
Eyebrow Tint 15min R80
Eyelash Tint 15min R80
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint 30min R120
Permanent Hair Reduction
Chin / Cheeks / Upper Lip 15min R250
Full Face 30min R500
Underarms 15min R400
Full Leg 60min R1 199
Half Leg 45min R999
Bikini 30min R460
Brazillian 45min R610
Hollywood 60min R860
Per Shot   R100
Day Packages
Full Day (4.5 Hours) R1799
Welcome drink    
Rasual Chamber & Body Expoliation    
Full Body Massage    
Luxury Matsimela Facial    
Luxury Pedicure    
Indian head Massage    
Lunch(Choose between 3 options) & Glass of Wine    
Half Day (3.5 Hours) R1199
Welcome drink    
Rasual Chamber and Body Expoliation    
Back & Neck Massage    
Body Exfoliation    
Luxury Matsimela Facial    
Luxury Pedicure    
Light Lunch(Choose between options given when booked)Glass of Wine    
Express package 2 Hours R699
Welcome drink    
Express manicure    
Express Pedicure    
Express Matsimela Facial or Back and Neck Massage    
Light Lunch(Choose between 3 options) With a glass of wine    
Matric Farewell R1499
Gel Overlay    
Express Pedicure & Gel Toes    
Makeup & Strip Lash application    
Please let us know if it’s any special celebration or
Aniversary when booking is made